When To Use Panel Antennas For Your Cell Phone Signal Boosters?

A cell tower in a rural area.

A lot of people are confused about choosing the right internal antennas for them when getting a cell phone signal booster. There are different types of internal/interior antennas used for signal boosters that are designed for different situations. One of the commonly used internal antennae is the dome antenna that is ideal for covering small spaces. They transmit signals in all directions. 

But if you want to transmit signals to long distances, then a panel antenna is the best option for you. These antennas are very powerful and have the capability to send signals to long distances. A panel antenna can be useful for you in different situations. The following are some of the important circumstances when a panel antenna can be beneficial for you. 

To Cover Long Hallways

Panel antennas send the signals in one direction. Hence, the signals will be able to cover more area. So you can use it for boosting the signal strength in long hallways and narrow spaces. 

To Cover Long Distances

If you want to cover more space using your cell phone booster, then the best option is the panel antenna, as they can send signals to long distances. 

Also, panel antennas are capable of receiving the signals emitted by your mobile phones and other devices for sending them back to the cell tower with the help of external antennas.

To Cover Multiple Floors

If you want to cover a single floor, then a dome antenna can be suitable for you. However, if you want to deliver boosted signals to multiple floors, then the right option is the panel antenna. 

As this antenna is very powerful, it can send signals across multiple floors. So if you want to boost the signals of an entire apartment building or your office, then panel antennas can be useful for you. 

Where To Install Panel Antennas?

The spot for installing a panel antenna should be decided based on the area you want to cover. If you want to boost the signals in a hallway or narrow spaces, it is better to mount it on the shorter wall and point towards the long area. 

However, if you want to cover multiple floors, then mount it on the ceiling of the top floor and point downwards. This will send boosted signals to the lower floors thereby improving the signal strength in the entire building.

Panel antenna is a powerful antenna that is used for transmitting the signals inside a building. They can be suitable for covering long distances and multiple floors. So if you want to cover a large space using your cell phone signal booster, then make sure to get panel antennas.