Places Where You Might Not Expect To Need Signal Booster Equipment

A mobile signal booster system comes with antennae that help the booster in getting and transmitting the signals. One antenna picks up the signal from the outside of a building, and then passes it onto the main booster unit indoors. The main unit then boosts the signal and transfers it to the internal antenna. After that, the antenna placed inside a building retransmits that boosted signal for use by mobile phones there.

It is common for you to see this type of signal booster setup being used indoors or inside a vehicle. However, it has more applications than you might think. Here are two places where you might not imagine having better signal provided through the signal boosting systems.


Believe it or not, some people even use a cellular signal amplifier for a better reception on a motorbike. You might be wondering how that is technically feasible when considering the fact that motorcycling is more dangerous than driving a car. However, it is also a fact that bad cellular reception could happen in any place at any time.

The proverb, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ applies to cellular signal boosters as well. In other words, human beings realized the need for better signal after they encountered weak signal zones and dead zones, and consequently, these products were developed. There is no ‘chicken and egg’ conundrum in this case.

As you can see, the booster can come in handy anytime anywhere, including even when you are on a motorcycle. Imagine your motorbike getting damaged in a remote place where the signal strength is not good enough, and you need to call a repair person urgently. In that situation, you might end up thinking “How can I get better signal on my phone?” The answer lies in a signal boosting system.

Railway Networks

A railway network is perhaps the last place where you might anticipate having a weak signal. The unfortunate situation is that several underground stations around the world lack cellular reception quality. Even in these places, or when traveling between stations, you would have to use your phone for some web browsing or phone calls. Weak reception would frustrate travelers, especially when on a long journey.

Some public transit managers in the world have realized this, thus creating better infrastructure for mobile phone use. Signal boosting equipment units are part of that infrastructure.