Tips For Installing An In-Vehicle Signal Booster

You probably have experienced poor signal reception when you travel in your car through remote locations. Poor cell reception will lead to call drops and slow data speed, which is really irritating. The best option you have to avoid this situation is to install a signal booster inside your car. It will help to have better cell reception in your car wherever you go.

Here are some easy steps for installing a cellular repeater in your car.

Do A Soft Installation

It is recommended to do a soft installation of the signal booster before you start the actual installation process. That will give you an idea about where each component of the cell phone booster goes. A soft installation also helps you to check whether you have enough cord to connect the components with each other. 

Select The Amplifier Location

Before you start mounting the components of the signal booster, you should select the perfect location inside your car for mounting the amplifier unit. Usually, the amplifier unit is placed under the seat or under the dash to save space. But you should also consider how you will run the cables connected to the outside and inside antenna when you place the amplifier.

Install The Outside Antenna

A perfect location for the outside antenna is the center of your car’s roof because that portion is probably the highest point in your car and the signal reception will be better there. Make sure that the outside antenna is placed at least 12 inches away from other antennas to avoid interferences. To ensure a better signal performance, install the outside antenna in a vertical position.

Install The Amplifier Unit

For installing the amplifier unit, select a location that is away from heat, sunlight, or moisture. Make sure the location has proper ventilation also. It is usually recommended to install the amplifier unit under the seat or dash. 

Install The Inside Antenna

When you install the inside antenna, make sure that it is at least 8 inches away from all other devices. The side of the driver’s seat is the ideal location to install the inside antenna. For maximizing the signal strength, install the inside antenna at the same angle as you hold your cell phone while using. 

Connect The Antennas

The last step in the installation process is connecting the inside and outside antenna to the amplifier unit with coaxial cables. After connecting the antennas, you can connect the amplifier to the DC plug-in power supply.