The Importance Of Having Strong Cellular Signal For Big Events

Have you ever wondered why you could hear and be heard more clearly over the phone when in a less-crowded area? The reason for this is that there are less cell phones sharing the available signal. On the other hand, you are less likely to find good cellular signal in a crowded place. If you have ever been to a concert, festival or sporting event, you may have experienced slow data speed and slow overall service performance.

This just goes to show how significant it is to have a cell signal amplifying system in place at an event venue. Live streaming and social networking are vital to both the publicity and the eventual success of an event. Whether you are in a theater or an art event space, a solid cellular connection there can make or break your experience. If you had bad cellular usage experience due to bad signals there, you would then tell your loved ones about it.

Now, imagine what happens in the event that your large event has poor signal. If everyone is sensitive to bad service, they would take to social media at some point during the event or after it to share their bad experience. This is enough to spoil the reputation of your event, which can be disastrous if your event only comes around once a year.

With numerous individuals using phones in a big event, it is easy for cellular networks to be overloaded, leading to an entire communication breakdown. This is a risk an event coordinator cannot afford to take. A timely photograph or social media post could make headlines! With no robust signal for users to browse the internet, your event could not drive those extra likes or comments it otherwise would be able to.

Using a cellular signal booster system is the best option for production executives and event coordinators who wish not to risk connectivity in their program sites. This cost-effective product ensures robust cellular connectivity for the duration of your event.

People often reserve seats for big-ticket events months in advance; if the cellular network at the event they looked forward to is so crowded it becomes unusable, it can be a huge disappointment. So, as an event coordinator, you should confirm that there is a signal boosting solution in place to improve reception capabilities for every phone.