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Man trying to improve his cell signal.

Technical Changes To Improve Mobile Signals

There are many different ways to make your cell phone signals better. Each way involves changing the underlying factor that…

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Cell phone towers in a forest.

What You Need To Know About Cellular Signals In Rural Places

Those who are visiting or living in rural locations will know how tough it is to get quality signals on…

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An antenna attached to the side of a home.

Tips For Installing An In-House Signal Booster

Call drops and slow data speed are common if you live in a remote area. This is mainly because of…

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A man holding his phone up looking for signal.

Are Your Data Speeds Slow Because Of Low Strength Or Low Signal Quality?

You may have been all too familiar with the feeling of having your YouTube videos take an eternity to buffer…

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How A Cell Phone Signal Booster Works

Cell phone signal boosters are relatively simple devices that bring stronger network signals to your phone. A signal booster generally functions by pulling in a weakened signal coming in from the nearest tower, amplifying it, and then rebroadcasting it throughout the smaller area where you want to improve your reception. 

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Choosing the Cell Phone Signal Booster That Works Best For You

When choosing a signal booster to prevent slow downloads and dropped phone calls, it pays to know some of the technical details surrounding the matter. There is a bevy of options that decide how effective your choice of signal booster will be. To help you become an informed consumer, we’ve outlined some of the important aspects of a signal booster.

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Prominent Features of a Mesh Wi-Fi System

Mesh Wi-Fi systems, which are also known as whole-home Wi-Fi systems, combine the main router that is directly connected to the modem with a series of nodes placed throughout the house for extensive wireless coverage. This gives you reliable and seamless Wi-Fi connectivity across your home.

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Things to Consider When Choosing the Best GSM Signal Booster

You can never feel satisfied with your smartphone if the mobile network reception in your area is poor. No matter…

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How to Eliminate Dead Spots in your Home

Dead spots usually happen when there are some barriers between your device and the nearest cell phone tower. It can…

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The Importance Of Having Strong Cellular Signal For Big Events

Have you ever wondered why you could hear and be heard more clearly over the phone when in a less-crowded…

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How You Can Boost Your Cell Signal In 3 Easy Steps Right Now!

In the fast-paced digital age that we are all a part of, it’s crucial to always be connected; to be…

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The Differences Between A Wi-Fi Signal Repeater And Wi-Fi Extender

In a smart home, having numerous internet-connected devices will put strain on the modem to provide uniform connectivity, making the…

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Improving Data Speed On Your iPhone

As cell phones are in the hands of more and more people, cell phone users around the world are using…

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Four Common Mobile Network Misconceptions Debunked

Mobile networks have grown to include LTE services and as they grow, they cover even more locations. Speculation about these…

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