Are Your Data Speeds Slow Because Of Low Strength Or Low Signal Quality?

You may have been all too familiar with the feeling of having your YouTube videos take an eternity to buffer or your HD movie taking an unacceptable time to download. But have you ever sat down and thought what the reason for the slow data speeds are? Is the snail crawling speed a result of “signal strength” or is it “signal quality”? We can help you learn how these kinds of problems can happen!

Signal Strength

It has become a common knowledge to use the signal strength bar at the top corner of your cell phone screen as a metric to measure cellular reception. But you will be in for a surprise when you learn that signal quality plays just an important role, if not more when it comes to cellular connections. For ease of understanding we shall also refer to signal quality as signal speed.

So, What Is The Difference Between Signal Strength And Signal Quality?

Most cell phone users will consider having three bars of signal strength better than two. That is the logical way to think about it right? But have you been in situations where the two bar strength had better voice quality than a full bar strength? To understand why it is, you must first understand what Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) means for your phone usage.

Understanding What Is Signal-To-Noise Ratio

Simply put, this is the amount of cellular signal that makes it through to you despite all the background noise. The way of measuring it is in dB (Decibels). The larger this number is the better. The minute this figure goes down into negative numbers, then that means that your signal quality is in a world of pain; the cellular signal is now being lost in the vast sea of inaudible static.

The signal strength as the name suggests is the strength of the signal that varies with interference and distance from the cell tower. The further you are, or more the interference; the lower the strength will be.

A cell signal booster is a device that works to increase both the signal-to-noise ratio and the signal strength. It basically does the job of the cell phone! The cell phone repeater holds onto weak signals, boosts them and gives it to your handheld device on a silver platter. A signal booster is a piece of tech that makes your life much less stressful!