Potential Solutions For Call Drops

Call drops possibly happen due to different factors, like the distance between your phone and the cell site closest to it, plus environmental elements and many more. If you experience call drops when at home or in the office, and a fine cellular signal is available outside the building, its construction materials might be to blame. In this case, a signal booster would be your best option for calling with better signals and with fewer drops when indoors.

A booster system’s external antenna takes a weaker cellular signal and transmits it to the amplifier set up indoors. The internal booster box then makes the signal better and passes it to another antenna installed indoors. The second antenna is responsible for rebroadcasting the boosted signal to users in areas where it is required. There is a constraint for utilizing it: some amount of cellular signal has to be available outside for the first antenna to receive. This means in the event of living or working in a place having no signal, you could not use the booster.

If so, you might wonder how can I get a better signal on my phone. If there is no cellular service, you might wish to try Wi-Fi calling as a quick fix. Not every mobile device has Wi-Fi calling facility. As the name implies, it enables making and receiving calls through the wireless internet connection. Check whether your device has the Wi-Fi calling option. To check it, swipe down from the top of the device screen; if you do not see it there, then it would not have the facility. Otherwise, enable it to connect to Wi-Fi and call thus.

When you routinely experience call drops, but others around you do not have it despite using the same telecom carrier, your device possibly has some issue. So, consider taking it to the nearby carrier store or service center for a diagnostic test and servicing. They will be capable of testing whether the device’s internal antenna is damaged, whether it has an OS-related issue or another problem. Depending on what the phone-related cause is, you might have to repair it or purchase a fresh mobile device.

Even an improperly inserted or damaged SIM card might bring about call drops, so look at all the possible causes to discover the suitable solution.