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How Does A Mobile Signal Booster Work?

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The concept of a mobile signal booster is fairly simple. They work by amplifying, or boosting, the mobile reception that you are receiving on your device in order to enable higher quality calls and a stronger and more stable signal.

To do this, the mobile repeater has three different components: an internal antenna, an external antenna, and an amplifier. Firstly, the external antenna reception receives the mobile signal from the nearest connection, then the amplifier makes the reception stronger, and finally the internal antenna broadcasts the signal to the area with poor signal.

If you’re looking to enhance the mobile reception in your home, business, or vehicle, check out these UK mobile signal boosters to find a device that is most suitable for your requirements.

Which Networks Can I Use A Mobile Signal Booster With?

You can use a mobile signal booster in the UK across all different network providers – BT, EE, Giffgaff, 02, and so on. However, you should be mindful that some mobile repeater devices are made specifically to use on only one network carrier.

Most mobile repeaters are available for multiple providers, but UK telecommunication regulator Ofcom requires that only one network receives a signal boost at a time. This can be configured to change the network at any time, though, providing the phone booster has a multi-network capability. To find a device that can work on your network, check out these mobile signal boosters.

What Are The Best Mobile Signal Boosters In The UK?

There are some great options for 3G mobile repeaters and 4G mobile repeaters currently available in the UK.

For a home mobile signal booster in the UK you should consider the following:

  • Signal Booster Primo. This device is a 3G mobile phone signal booster that significantly improves poor reception and works well inside homes.
  • Signal Booster Prime. This device is a 4G mobile phone signal booster that can work as an EE signal booster, Three signal booster, Virgin signal booster, Vodaphone signal booster, and O2 signal booster.

For a business mobile repeater in the UK you should consider the following:Signal Booster Plus. This device serves as a 3G mobile signal booster and works at a frequency of 2100 Mhz.Signal Booster Xpand. The Xpand device is an effective 3G/4G signal booster that has a coverage of up to 1000 square metres and can support the use of 75 different mobile users at the same time, making it a good business mobile phone repeater.

To see more options for mobile signal boosters in the UK, check out our list here.

Where Can I Use A Mobile Signal Booster

Mobile signal boosters can be used in your homes, businesses, or vehicles, with each location offering their own benefits.

A strong home mobile connection is great for increasing the reliability of your personal calls to close friends and relatives, and having a mobile signal booster will mean that keeping contact is made easier as fewer calls will be dropped. The MR Mini Personal Repeater is a good choice for home use due to its affordability and ability to work in smaller areas (500 square metres). A more advanced option for home use is the Triple Band Mobile Repeater, which is slightly pricier but provides a stronger signal boost and works across all UK network carriers.

Having a mobile signal booster for your business is a very economical decision. Not only will you be able to ensure that no important business phone calls or mobile video meetings will be dropped, but you will also provide benefits to the employees and customers. The cost of a mobile phone repeater is small when you consider the relative benefits of the smooth functioning of your business. Various different mobile repeater devices are available for business use, and the size of your business should factor into your decision. Check out these mobile signal boosters to find a device that is the most suitable for your business requirements.

A mobile repeater can also be used in vehicles. This can be useful for journeys where you know that the in-car signal will be weak and your mobile connectivity will suffer as a consequence. Vehicle mobile repeaters are particularly effective when the mobile connection is very strong outside, but weak on the inside. This is a common occurrence due to the interference that can happen between a vehicle’s exterior and interior signal receiver. Vehicle mobile signal boosters counter this problem. A good choice for vehicular use is the MR Vehicle Booster.

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