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Even though the mobile phone signal repeater has been around for a while, there are still lots of misconceptions about what they are and how they work. Many people worry that if they buy a mobile signal booster it won’t be good quality and it won’t function properly. However, that simply isn’t the case. A mobile booster is an extremely useful device that amplifies a mobile signal effectively so you can enjoy high quality calls and internet access from your smartphone.

What Do I Need A High Quality Phone Booster?

More people out there are finding that it’s impossible to get things done without their phone. More of us need to be contactable by work colleagues at all times of the day or night, while staying in touch with family members all over the country is just as important as it’s ever been. With that in mind, having a spotty or weak phone signal is something that causes a whole host of problems, whether in the workplace, in the home or even on the move.

It’s no wonder, then, that so many people are interested in find out more about the possibilities a high quality signal booster can bring. Yet like any other newly developed technology, there is a lot of misunderstandings among those who’ve never tried one about how it works. With countless half-truths and rumours circulating around about the quality and effectiveness of 4G signal boosters, here we give a straight-up explanation of how a mobile repeater works, what they can actually do and why they’re quality devices that can help you get more done.

I’ve Heard That Signal Boosters Don’t Work

The first thing that puts many off people trying a 4G signal booster for themselves is the myth that signal boosters are a scam. This is a story that comes from a couple of decades ago when there really were some scam products which claimed to improve phone reception but didn’t work at all. Today’s 4G booster models definitely do work, and they can effectively enhance your mobile signal. If you choose a product which has been certified and tested, you can be confident that you’re going to get a great result.

I’ve Heard That Signal Boosters Aren’t Legal For Use

Until recently, there was some truth in this myth. While having a 4G repeater was perfectly legal in Canada and the USA, they were illegal in Australia and the UK for public use. All that has changed now in the UK however, and signal boosters which have been licensed by OFCOM are now able to be used to improve phone signals indoors or in the car.

I Heard Signal Boosters Interfere With Mobile Networks

Once upon a time, a booster would interfere with mobile networks, however this is no longer the case. A few years ago, some products had been badly designed, and the result was interference, however with the latest developments, the mobile networks are safe as long as you choose a reliable model.

I Heard Signal Boosters Interfere With Wi-Fi Networks

This myth has absolutely no basis in truth whatsoever! Wi-Fi and mobile networks use different frequencies, so they can’t interfere with each other at all. If you think about your home Wi-Fi network – you can easily use your mobile phone and experience no interference at all with your internet connection. Your mobile phone uses the same radio frequency band as a signal booster, so you can rest assured that it won’t have any negative impact on your Wi-Fi experience.

I Heard Signal Boosters Take Up Wi-Fi Bandwidth

A phone signal booster won’t have any interaction with your Wi-Fi network at all. This is because they can only work with an existing mobile phone signal. The signal booster will collect the weak mobile signal, amplify it then distribute the boosted signal to your home, workplace or vehicle allowing your mobile devices to connect. Your Wi-Fi network isn’t involved in the process so it won’t be taking up bandwidth and competing with your other devices.

I Heard Signal Boosters Have Monthly Fees

Another reason that potential customers give for not choosing to use a mobile booster is because they are afraid that they’ll be tied into making ongoing monthly payments to use it. That’s definitely not the case either! Signal boosters are something that you only buy once and after that, the only payment you’ll need to worry about making is the cost of electricity to power it. When you pay for a signal booster you aren’t renting it, you’re buying it. That means you can use it however you like without any additional costs or fees.

I Heard There Was No Point In Getting A Signal Booster If I Have Wi-Fi Services

Although today’s Wi-Fi services have made a lot of advances in terms of data speeds but they still can’t be a suitable substitute for your mobile phone service. Although lots of businesses and families are now successfully using VoiP services to make calls, if there is a communications outage due to a Wi-Fi fault or a system crash, you’ll need to fall back on the trusty mobile phone. In the case of a workplace, it’s vital that employees can still make important calls and receive key emails, data and business communications, and even at home having no way of communicating with the rest of the world isn’t advisable. With electronically amplified 3G or 4G signals from a signal booster, keeping in touch is a breeze.

I Heard You Need To Be In Line Of Sight Of A Mobile Phone Tower To Use A Signal Booster

Another common misconception about signal boosters is that they can only be used when you can physically see a mobile phone tower. In general, the air around us is full of signals which are able to be captured and amplified by mobile phone signal boosters. While it’s true to say that the booster will be more effective if you’re closer to a mobile phone tower, it isn’t necessary to be in the direct line of sight in order to use one. With today’s cleverly designed products, even a very small signal is able to be picked up even if the user is unable to see a phone tower. Therefore, people living in even more remote areas are able to benefit from a mobile phone signal booster just as effectively as someone living in town. The placement of the exterior and interior antenna are the key factors which influence signal strength, so as long as you follow the provided instructions you’ll find your new signal booster works perfectly so long as there is at least a small amount of signal around your building.

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