Enhancing Phone Signals In Metal Buildings

A house with cell towers behind it.

When considering building materials, concrete, as well as metal, have their share of advantages. Concrete is wind, water, and fire-resistant. It can retain high degrees of heat and hence it is highly energy efficient. Ultimately it results in a reduction in the costs related to cooling and heating.

Likewise, buildings made out of metals require comparatively less maintenance and repair expenses. It has the potential to withstand various elements and is very durable. This, in turn, adds to its longevity and appeal. That said, coincidentally, both these building materials have a common disadvantage; both of them have adverse effects when it comes to transmitting cell phone signals. 

Now that it is obvious that some building materials pose a serious threat to the optimal transmission of phone signals, let us find out how to improve phone signal in the prevailing situation.

Minimizing Interferences

One of the methods of enhancing mobile signals when you are inside a building made out of metal or concrete is to minimize the electromagnetic interferences. In simple terms it means the solution to the problem lies in reducing the potential points of interference; especially in those areas where you are experiencing extremely weak coverage. How can we achieve this? That is simple; just keep all the wireless devices and Wi-Fi routers away from these locations. 

Check The Existing Signal Strength

You might be aware of the fact that the strength of the indoor signal that is boosted greatly depends on the outdoor signals that are attracted and transmitted by the donor antenna. We are in a time of great technology and therefore it is recommended to use websites and apps to do this job for you. Applications such as OpenSignal, CellMapper, AntennaSearch, and CellReception, etc could come in handy and provide you apt measurements. It facilitates the determination of the real factors affecting the non-availability of mobile phone signals inside metal buildings. 

Installation Of Cell Phone Boosters

Even if none of the above-discussed methods worked as you had imagined, this ultimate method will surely work its magic – the installation of a cell phone booster for a metal building. There are three important factors to be considered while selecting the manufacturer of this device – experience, quality, and innovation. Don’t even think about settling with nothing but the best this industry has to offer.