Tips For Installing An In-House Signal Booster

Call drops and slow data speed are common if you live in a remote area. This is mainly because of the poor cell reception caused either due to the distance of the cell tower or obstacles that block the cell signals reaching from the cell tower. The only solution to this problem is a signal booster, also known as a cell phone booster. If you install a signal booster in your house, the device will capture the existing cell signal and increase its strength to a usable level. 

Here are some tips that will help you to install a cell phone repeater in your home.

Find The Strong Outside Cell Signal

The first step in the installation process of an in-house cell phone booster is finding the best cell signal outside your house. It is very crucial to locate the side of your house where the signal strength is the strongest because the exterior antenna should be mounted there. You can find the area with the best cell signal by walking around the perimeter with a cell phone and counting the number of bars.

Install The Exterior Antenna

After finding the side of the house with the best outside cell signal, the next step is to mount the exterior antenna there. When you install the antenna, make sure that it is mounted as high as possible because there will be minimal obstacles to block the cell signal. The exterior antenna should be placed in such a way that it is pointed towards the nearest cell tower.

Install The Amplifier Unit

The amplifier unit is the most important component of a signal booster system. You should place the amplifier unit away from direct sunlight or other devices that could interfere with the cell signal. The amplifier unit is responsible for boosting the strength of the cell signal to a usable level.

Mount The Interior Antenna

The interior antenna should be mounted in the area of the house where you need maximum cell reception. Once you figure out where that area is, you can mount the interior antenna on the ceiling or the wall. Mounting the interior antenna on the ceiling is recommended because it redistributes the boosted cell signals equally to all parts of the room.

Connect The Antenna To Amplifier

Once you install all the three components of the signal booster system, then you can connect the exterior antenna and the interior antenna to the amplifier unit with a coaxial cable. After connecting the antenna, plug in the power supply to the amplifier and the amplifier will sync up and you will start getting better cell reception inside the house.