Improving Data Speed On Your iPhone

As cell phones are in the hands of more and more people, cell phone users around the world are using up greater amounts of cellular data than ever before. To match this, more and more carriers are offering unlimited data, which means a lot of people no longer have to watch their data usage. However, even unlimited data users can come across some issues: not being able to rely on a fast connection at all times.

This applies to iPhone users as well, and below are some ways to get around the problem. The simplest way to deal with a drop in speed or signal is using a signal booster, but there are also some other things you can try.

  • Clear your browser history and stored data that shows up in Safari (or whichever browser you are using). This can be done by opening the Settings app and selecting Safari (or whichever browser you are using) from the list shown. Then choose Clear History and Website Data. This step must be taken regularly to keep your browser from becoming bloated and slowing down your phone.
  • Try and avoid keeping multiple apps open at any given time, especially if you aren’t using more than one simultaneously. If you have more than one open, you can get rid of them by restarting the phone, or even manually closing down those apps which you do not need at the time.
  • The Background App Refresh feature in your iPhone can cause problems with data flow speeds. You can turn it off from the Settings app, going to General, and then selecting Background App Refresh and turning it off. There is also the option to switch this off for individual apps, so take your pick.
  • Your connection with your carrier may need a reset. This can be achieved by turning Airplane Mode on and back off again. When you do that, your phone will find a new connection that may be faster.
  • Your phone’s software version can have an impact on data loading speeds. Check if the current software is the newest version by opening the Settings app, choosing General, and then choosing Software Update. The screen should show you if there is an update available for your phone. You can even automate this option by turning on the Automatic Update feature that shows up in the same menu.

The above are some ways (aside from getting a signal booster) in which you can boost the data speed on your phone. Bear in mind that these are intended for iPhone users, but the equivalent functions on Android may help Android users.