Tips To Improve The Performance Of Your Cellular Signal Booster

You might need the help of a cellular signal booster if you are constantly suffering from various problems associated with poor cell reception inside your building. These devices can be used for enhancing the strength of cell signals inside your home, office, or vehicles. Therefore, you won’t have to experience dropped calls or poor voice clarity anymore. 

However, some people complain that they are not able to get better cell reception even after installing signal boosters. If you are also facing a similar situation, then this article can be useful for you, as we list some tips that can help to increase the performance of your mobile network boosters. 

Choose The Right Spot For Your Exterior Antenna

The exterior antenna of a signal booster has a great role in enhancing its performance. It should be placed in a spot where it can receive the maximum cell signals. The best location for mounting your exterior antenna is your roof, but if this is not possible, then mount it on your windows. Measure the signal strength around your building before installing the exterior antenna, and place it in a spot that has maximum signal strength.

The Position Of Interior And Exterior Antennas With Respect To Each Other

The distance between the interior antenna and exterior antenna is another important factor you have to notice when installing the booster, as it can have a great impact on its performance. There should be enough vertical or horizontal distance between these antennas to prevent a phenomenon called oscillation. If the signals from the interior antenna are fed back to the exterior antenna, it can result in the formation of a feedback loop. This condition is called oscillation. 

Your cellular signal booster will reduce the gain for eliminating this problem when it detects it. But if the reduction in gain is not able to solve the problem, then the booster will shut itself off to prevent damage. 

Cable Type And Its Length

Cables are used for connecting different components of a signal booster together. Make sure that you choose high-quality cables for maximizing the performance. Also, it is recommended to keep the cable length as short as possible, as the gain of the signals can reduce considerably when they have to travel a long distance through the cables. 

The above tips can be beneficial for you to maximize the performance of your cellular signal boosters so that you will be able to get better signal strength inside your building, thereby avoiding different problems caused by poor cell reception.