How To Improve The Signal Quality Required For E-Learning?

People turn to e-learning solutions in times of emergency and for their convenience. E-learning challenges the restrictions put by physical distances for gaining access to education. With a single touch, our homes transform into our classrooms and the idea is always exciting.

For e-learning to operate successfully, there has to be a solid backing of strong cellular coverage. But this is not always possible. Cellular signals drop due to a multitude of reasons and not all places have equally strong network coverage. 

So is there a solution? Of course yes. The most popular answer to cellular signal issues is a cell phone booster. 

What Are The Common Causes Of Poor Cellular Signals?

Cellular signals become weak due to various factors including:

  • Larger distance from the cell tower: If your location is far away from the cellular tower operating in your area, the signals received in the cell phones will be weak. When cellular signals travel longer distances, it undergoes greater attenuation and loses a significant part of its strength. 
  • Natural barriers that come in between the cell phone and transmitting tower: When cellular signals hit barriers like mountains and hills, they get scattered to some degree. The signals reaching your cell phones after scattering will be attenuated.
  • Signal blocking construction materials: If your home or building is made of signal blocking construction materials like concrete, low E glass, and metals, the signals that reach indoors will be weaker than outdoor signals. 

E-learning platforms require strong cellular reception, as it involves a huge amount of data in the form of video and audio. If your place generally has poor signal reception, accessing e-learning platforms would be very difficult.

Cell Phone Booster 

Cell phone booster is a simple device that can be installed in your home, vehicles, buildings and public places to boost the strength of cellular signals. The device’s external antenna captures signals from the outside and transfers them to the amplifier unit kept indoors. The amplifier boosts the signals and sends them to the indoor antenna, which then broadcasts the amplified signals to all points within its coverage area

Cell phone booster increases the download and upload speeds of internet communication. The video and audio quality of online classes improve significantly if you have a cell phone booster installed at your place. 

To improve the signal quality in your home and get the best e-learning experience, buy and install a cell phone booster with specifications that suit your requirements.