Technical Changes To Improve Mobile Signals

There are many different ways to make your cell phone signals better. Each way involves changing the underlying factor that causes the signal issue, such as the device’s position and the way you hold it. What you need to change depends on the thing that contributes to the issue. So, you may also have to make some or a combination of these changes to try and improve cell reception.

Switch To A Previous Network

Are there 2G, 3G and 4G networks in your area? If yes, then try switching to the most recent technology-based network available there, whether it is 2G or 3G. The latter network and the LTE network are meant to give cell phone users high bandwidth. The distance from the cell site to your device will affect the signal transmission process. When it is too far, the signal will not be strong.

So based on its strength, enable the appropriate network mode on the device. Switching to 2G or 3G will make the internet slower than 4G, but it will allow you to do basic texting and calling with fewer interruptions.

Use A Repeater

In the event the issue exists in just a single place, like your office or house, consider setting up a cell phone repeater system there. The system will receive the low signal using an antenna placed outdoors, improve it and rebroadcast the signal with an indoor antenna. There must be a minimum of two signal bars at the place of the former antenna, whether it is your roof or outside the building, for it to considerably improve the reception.

Some of these products work for just a single telecommunications service vendor, and these might require you to know technical things like that provider’s frequency. Using a multi-band repeater is a relatively less technological way to make the signal better on any carrier’s network.

Upgrade The Antenna

In the event you already use the booster or repeater, and want better ‘gain’, then try upgrading the antenna that comes with it. The word ‘gain’ refers to the maximum amount of signal improvement it offers. An amplifier that has a relatively greater gain is sure to give you much stronger signals over a bigger area as compared to the present one. This is a technical way that helps to better achieve the goal as compared to changing the antenna’s position.