How To Improve Cell Reception In An Android Phone?

A diagram showing the function of a cell booster.

Poor cell reception is very frustrating to all people because it can lead to call drops, slow data speed, undelivered texts, etc. We all have at some point wandered around with our smartphones, looking for a better cell signal and have experienced restricted internet access or call drops. All these happen because of weak cell reception. Boosting the signal reception can help you get over these problems. 

Boost Cell Reception Of An Android Phone 

Poor cell reception is a big problem not only for android but for all operating systems. Most often, poor cell reception is caused due to your location. If you are far away from a cell tower or are surrounded by high buildings, trees, or mountains, you might not receive a strong cell signal.

Sometimes heavy network traffic is also one of the reasons for poor cell reception. When too many people try to use their cell phones in a small area, network traffic in the cell tower will be high and it will result in weaker cell signals. Moreover, if your cell phone is damaged or not having enough charge, it won’t be able to capture the cell signals well.

Cell Phone Repeaters For Android Phones

The best way to boost the cell reception for android phones is by installing a signal booster. A cell phone repeater will considerably enhance the cell signal strength and ensure a stable communication. That means no more call drops, increased data speed, and improved battery life. 

A signal booster can amplify all types of cell signals of every network provider. They can easily boost GSM, 3G, and 4G cell signals and ensure stable cell service in your android phones. An in-house signal booster can cover up to 5000 square meters of area.

The external antenna, amplifier unit, and the internal antenna are the three main components of a signal booster system. The purpose of the external antenna is to capture the existing outside cell signal. There are 2 types of an external antenna, omnidirectional and unidirectional. The omnidirectional antenna captures cell signals from all directions while the unidirectional antenna captures signals from a single direction.

The external antenna will send the cell signal to the amplifier unit and in the amplifier, the strength of the cell signal will be increased by 32 times. This boosted cell signal will be broadcasted by the internal antenna to all the devices inside the room.

Signal boosters can be easily installed in your house or your car. For home installation, you need to find the best spot in your house where the cell reception is better and install the external antenna there to ensure maximum boosting of the signals.