How To Tackle Cell Service Matters During A Natural Disaster

A man using his phone with a mobile booster.

Natural calamities can cause disruption in cellular services. Especially when cell towers fall due to storms or some other natural calamity, customers will not have cellular service. So, what do you have to do when feeling that a calamity is likely to have an adverse effect on the service? This may be a stopgap solution, but updating your voicemail is the best possible thing to do for you at that time.


Signals will possibly come back gradually, and you could have 2G connectivity or 3G connectivity until the 4G LTE service returns. You may not be capable of posting anything on social networking websites during the emergency, but you could make a call, and update the voicemail. Shared below are some tips we suggest following during a calamity.


Cell Phone Use During Natural Disasters


  • Be sure to know the PIN code of your voicemail. You will require that PIN code to update any voice message from a device except for your phone.
  • Empty the voicemail of yours to ensure that you can get fresh messages.
  • Write on your social networking application that you will soon have no connectivity.
  • When the cellular service starts to come back, SMS is likely to work before the mobile internet does. In that situation, try messaging your loved ones to inform them that you are safe.
  • In the event of having the wireless internet service instead of cellular service, you could just contact others through the ‘Wi-Fi calling’ facility. For this, you would have to enable the ‘Wi-Fi Calling’ option on your phone’s Settings application. If you do not find this option on the app, then you might be lacking a Wi-Fi calling-capable phone. 
  • Update the voicemail sooner rather than later.
  • You may also think about setting up a cell phone booster for the service in your place of accommodation. The antenna that comes with a passive distributed antenna system can pick up the signals that come from cell sites situated up to 50 kilometers away from your location. This means even if the cell tower situated nearest to your house goes down during a calamity, the cell signal booster of yours might be of use. It is likely to be useful if there is no calamity in that tower location situated many miles away from your place.