How To Install The Antennas Of Your Signal Booster?

Signal booster antennae installed on a home roof.

Cell phone boosters are devices that are capable of improving cell reception in an area. If you live in an area where the cell signal is very weak, you might need a signal booster, as it will increase the cell signal’s strength to a usable level.

External antenna, amplifier, and internal antenna are three main components of a signal booster. Each of these components should be appropriately placed for a better performance of the signal booster system. 

How To Install The Antennas?

The first thing you need to do during the cell phone booster system‘s installation process is note the cell signal readings on different areas of your house and identify the side of your home with the best outside cell signal. You can do that by walking around the perimeter of your house with a cell phone. There are apps available for download that can help you detect the cell signal’s strength in your area. 

The next thing you have to do before installing the antenna is to find the direction in which your nearest cell tower is. It is very important because if there is only one cell tower near your house, the signal booster’s external antenna should be placed in such a way that it is facing the cell tower. Otherwise, the external antenna will not be able to capture the cell signals accurately.

Installing An External Antenna

The external antenna of a cell phone repeater is of two types; omnidirectional antenna and unidirectional antenna. An omnidirectional antenna is capable of collecting cell signals from all directions. It is mostly used in houses surrounded by multiple cell towers that are still not getting a proper cell signal. Mount the omnidirectional antenna on the roof of your home, and it will pull cell signals easily. 

The most common unidirectional antenna is the yagi antenna. It is more potent than the omnidirectional antenna but can only capture cell signals from a single direction. These antennas are mainly used in houses located far away from the cell tower. Yagi antennas also should be placed as high as possible to receive cell signals without any interference.

Installing An Internal Antenna

You can install the internal antenna in the area of the house where you need better cell reception. According to your preference, you can mount the internal antenna on the ceiling or the wall. If you need to increase the coverage area, a ceiling antenna will be your best choice.