How to Improve Cell Signal without Any Signal Outside

If you do not have any network signal in your home or office, chances are that there is some signal reception outside. In such cases, you can use a standard cell booster network repeater to amplify the available signal outside and broadcast it inside for your needs. A powerful cellular repeater will work well even when you have barely any detectable signal. However, you cannot expect to benefit from a cell signal booster if there is no detectable network signal in your locality at all.

How Do Cellular Network Repeaters Work?

Signal boosters work by collecting the available cellular network signals from outside and enhance that using an amplifier unit. The boosted signals are then retransmitted inside the building to give you a strong connection. At the same time, the cell booster network repeater also amplifies the signals sent from your devices back to the network tower to complete the loop. Therefore, when there are no cell signals to receive, a cellular booster will not have anything to work with.

Cell network boosters do not create any kind of cellular signals on their own. However, even if you see no bars on your device, it does not mean that there is no cell network reception in your area. Chances are that there may be a very weak cellular signal available that your device is unable to utilize. Therefore, you need to accurately determine if there is any network signal available in your area using the Field Test Mode of your device.

Cell network signals usually range from -120 dBm to -50 dBm. If your Field Test Mode results show around -85 dBm, then you can easily boost that using a cellular repeater to a more favorable point. Nonetheless, a standard cell network booster may not offer the desired performance if you have a signal strength of around -100 dBm or lower. In such cases, you will need to get a more powerful cell booster network repeater.

Most signal boosters come with high-end receivers that have high sensitivity and can detect weaker cellular signals than what an average smartphone can. You can also use a signal meter to detect the signal strength in your home or office before settling on a cell booster model. If there is no cell signal detected, then you can also ask your network provider for a microcell to generate a signal as long as broadband internet is available in your building.

Microcells use internet connections to generate a local cell signal, which will cover one or two rooms inside your home or office. You will also need to sync your phone and other devices to use microcell coverage.