How to Eliminate Dead Spots in your Home

Dead spots usually happen when there are some barriers between your device and the nearest cell phone tower. It can also happen due to the distance and location of the cell tower. Therefore, if you want to eliminate the dead spots in your home, you will need to get as close to the available network signal as possible. This can be done either by removing the obstructions or by boosting the signal using a repeater.

Note that there could be many factors that can affect the signal strength in your home. For instance, certain building materials can block cellular radio waves from entering your home. So it could be a metal sheet or thick insulation which is responsible for a weak signal in your building.

There could also be many physical obstructions between the nearest cell tower and your home, like forests, mountains, or large buildings. These can also create a dead spot in your home. As removing the obstructions in these scenarios is not practical, you will need to buy a reliable cell phone booster for your home to solve your problems effectively. 

It is always better to have a clear understanding of how strong the current network strength is in your home before buying a cellular signal booster. That is because the outdoor antenna of the cell signal repeater will collect the available signal strength outside to enhance it. The cell phone booster for the house will have an amplifier unit to add more dB gain to the network signal, which will then rebroadcast it through an indoor antenna.

Most of the cellular signal booster models can add anywhere from +10 dB to +60 dB or more gain to the available signal strength. However, the more powerful the system is, the higher its price will be. Therefore, you will also need to know the signal strength in decibels to make the right choice. That is because buying an affordable one with, for instance, +10 dB gain, will not be useful at all, if you currently receive -90 dB signal strength in your home. The resulting cellular signal will still be weak.

For the best outcome, you need to take a dB reading of the signal strength in your home. This can be done either using a cell phone signal meter or using the inbuilt function of your device. There are a few smartphone apps too, which offer you network signal strength information. Some may even include the details of the nearest cell tower location. This can be useful to find out which direction you need to mount the cell signal booster facing.