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Top Benefits Of Home Signal Boosters

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Nowadays, mobile phone use is at an all-time high, and people use mobiles for numerous activities such as browsing the internet, making and receiving phone calls, streaming videos, and checking emails. In fact, you may only notice how much you use your mobile device when you are not able to use it properly. Unfortunately, this happens all too often.

Luckily, there is a solution. If your home is suffering from poor mobile reception, then you might need a home signal booster to help solve the problem. More good news is that there are plenty of mobile phone home signal boosters in the UK currently available. Check out these mobile phone repeaters to find a device that best suits your needs in terms of coverage size, network provider, and number of people that the device can support.

Main Benefits

The benefits of using a home signal booster kit are tenfold, but the main perks that you can expect include:

  • Clearer voice quality during phone and video calls.
  • Fewer dropped and disrupted calls.
  • Reduction in the level of distortion.
  • Improved mobile battery life – mobile devices use considerably less battery when they are not constantly searching for a better signal.
  • Considerable improvement to upload and download speeds, even in densely populated urban areas.
  • Better video streaming quality.
  • Can use a mobile phone in place of expensive landline network services.
  • Improved signal reliability at all times.

These mobile phone booster benefits can greatly include the quality of your home life and can ensure that that you have uninterrupted, smooth, and stable contact with friends and family via your mobile devices. If you follow the link here, you can use our website recommendation service to find out which is the best mobile phone home signal booster kit in the UK for you based on your criteria.

Do I Need A Home Signal Booster Kit?

It is astoundingly easy for the quality of a mobile reception to become disrupted. These disruptions can be based on both internal and external factors.

Internal factors can include the materials used for building construction, electronic and magnetic clutter, and the occurrence of glass and metal.

External factors can include the prevalence of trees and mountains, changes in the atmosphere, crowd density, and fluctuating weather conditions. These variables can all impact upon the strength and reliability of your home mobile signal.

So, you can see that it is very easy to disturb the quality of your mobile signal, and if any of these factors are causing you to experience poor and unstable connection, then, yes, you do need a home signal booster kit.

What Is The Best Mobile Signal Repeater For Home Use?

There is a good choice of home signal booster kits in the UK, you can certainly find a device to fulfil the requirements. Some good choices for home mobile signal repeaters are:

  • The Mini 3G 2100. This mobile signal repeater is a 3G signal booster that has the ability to vastly improve areas of poor mobile reception within your home. It is available for all Irish Networks and has a coverage size of 250 square metres. This booster kit comes with a 60dB GSM repeater, high gain external signal aerial, 10m coaxial cable, and a mains power supply
  • MR LTE 4G 800 / 2600 Mini. This device is a good choice for people who require a 4G signal booster in the homes. It can support the use of up to 25 users at any given time and has a coverage area of 300 square metres, making it perfect for use within a home or small office. It is simple to install and has a powerful 60dB gain. This mobile signal repeater is available for all 4G Irish network providers and operates at a frequency of 800 and 2600 MHz.
  • MR GSM 900/3G PRO. This mobile signal booster is good for larger homes and offers a mobile coverage area of 500 square metres. It is available on all 2G and 3G networks in the UK and comes with a step by step manual for an easy installation process. It performs best when the external receiver is mounted in an area with strong reception.

Are Home Signal Boosters Easy To Use?

All of the home signal boosters listed above are easy to install in your homes and require no technical expertise. They are designed to be accessible for everybody and come with an easy to follow, step by step instruction manual.

To see more variations that better suit your requirements, check out these mobile signal repeaters that are available across the UK.

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