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HiBoost Booster – Best Booster on the Market? 

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HiBoost is a mobile phone signal booster manufacturer known for producing some of the best mobile signal enhance devices around – but are the they one of the best boosters on the market? There is certainly some tough competition from other signal booster companies, which is only good news for consumers seeking the best quality devices around.  

Let’s take a closer look at HiBoost mobile signal booster products and whether they are the best available.

HiBoost Signal Boosters – Providing Plenty of Options  

One reason that HiBoost carry such a positive reputation is the fantastic selection of mobile repeater devices.  

Everyone has their own requirements when it comes to a mobile repeater. Some people need coverage over a large space, while others need the signal booster to cover a range of frequency bands, so it’s always important to have good options at your disposal.  

This is one area where HiBoost delivers. They currently have over a dozen mobile phone signal booster devices to choose from, making it easy to find a suitable device for your needs. Because no single device suits all needs, HiBoost has developed various products that meet both ends of the spectrum.

Entry-Level Signal Boosters  

HiBoost they have a nice range of entry-level signal boosters for people that need a reliable home booster. Their F13-EGSM, F13-3G, and F13-ED mobile booster devices are perfect for this, offering a good amount of coverage (500smq) and effective signal boosting functions.

The F13-EGSM is a single-band model, meaning it only operates on a signal frequency band, allowing it to improve call quality, avoid dropped calls, and improve 3G signals (providing the signal is carried on the UMTS 900 MHz band). 

The F13-3G is much the same, offering the same coverage and operating on a single-band, but instead offering a signal boost for 3G signals on the UMTS 2100 MHz band. 

The F13-ED is a dual-band model that improves calls, 3G and 4G across two frequency bands, GSM 900 and LTE 1800 MHz, so it’s a little more advanced for the entry-level range but still very affordable and suitable for home offices.   

Mid-Range Signal Boosters  

For those seeking a little more functionality, possibly for a work signal booster or business signal booster, HiBoost has a good selection of mid-range signal boosters too. 

Most of these offer wider coverage areas up to 1000smq, although smaller coverages are certainly available if desired, while they usually work as either a 3G signal booster or 4G signal booster.  

The Hi13-ED and Hi13-LL are good examples of HiBoost’s outstanding mid-range mobile booster options.  

Hi13-ED boost signals for both calls and 4G, operating the standard EGSM and LTE/4G 1800 MHz for super-fast mobile data on this frequency band. It only has 500smq coverage, so while not the largest it’s still perfect for a home or home office. 

Hi13-LL also operates on the EGSM standard but uses the UMTS/3G 2100 MHz for mobile signal boosting, while it also offers additional coverage at 800sqm. 

Commercial Signal Booster  

Anyone seeking a comprehensive mobile phone signal booster needn’t look further than HiBoost’s impressive commercial signal booster products. While not exclusively for commercial use, they have massive coverages and operate on multiple frequencies, making them most suited for businesses. 

Yes, it’s possible to buy one of these signal booster devices for your house, but this would be rather unnecessary given most of the functions you need should be available in entry-level and mid-range models. 

These devices operate on multiple frequency bands, usually as dual, tri, and even quint-band signal boosters, meaning the cover pretty much every mobile network in the UK. They improve calls and mobile internet data transfer over huge areas, typically between 1,000 and 5,000 sqm, making them suitable for large workplaces dealing with multiple devices over large spaces.  

For example, the HiBoost Hi23-3S is a triband boosting system capable of improving the signal of calls and mobile internet data across multiple frequencies (UMTS 900 + 3G 2100 + 4G LTE 1800 MHz). It boasts some serious power and gain, allowing it to reach an impressive coverage of 5500sqm.

Another incredible business signal booster is the HiBoost Hi23-5S. This is an upgrade over the already impressive Hi23-EDW, as it operates over five different frequency bands, making it one of the few quint-band mobile phone signal booster devices on the market.

Supporting DSC1800, EGSM900, WCDMA2100, LTE2600 and LTE800 MHz and offering coverage of up to 6,000sqm, it is easily one of the best signal booster devices on the market.  

So, whether you want a mobile booster for home or at work, HiBoost has no shortage of incredible options available. These devices are all powerful enough to improve mobile signals in even the most remote locations.  

Simple Yet Effective Devices  

While mobile signal boosters may seem confusing, HiBoost makes them easy to understand and even easier to install. The devices feature just a few components including an external antenna you attach to the wall outside, cables to run this inside and connect to the internal antenna and signal booster.

Follow the simple setup instructions included with each device and the signal booster gets to work almost immediately.

New Innovations on the Horizon 

One exciting development that looks set to keep HiBoost at the forefront of the booster market is their new smartphone compatible devices. Taking all the amazing features and functions from their mobile phone booster devices, HiBoost are now integrating better features to further improve usability. 

This includes their new 3SL range of signal boosters. These phone booster devices not only have built-in internal antenna to reduce clutter, they also feature smart functionality and a compatible mobile app.  

Both features vastly improve usability, with smart function working to automatically setup the device and make auto adjustments in live-time to improve signal strength and reduce interference.  

The HiBoost mobile app allows you to control the device remotely, including monitoring current signals and making any changes you like to the setup.

These are just a few more reasons why HiBoost are such a highly regarded name in the mobile phone signal booster market – and look likely to remain so for some time! 

If you are having trouble choosing the correct mobile phone signal booster. Contact one of our team and they will assist you.

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