Find Out What Is Blocking Your Mobile Phone Signal

Are you having problems with your wireless signal? Find out exactly what is affecting your wireless signal and what you can do to fix it so that you can get the most from your 4G LTE network. In this article, we will first cover diagnostic checks you can do when you have poor cell phone reception, and then we will help you determine exactly which of the factors is causing your weak wireless signal and then what options you have to fix the problem for good!

External Factors That Can Have A Negative Effect On Your Wireless Experience

In general, wireless carriers provide reliable networks. However, there are external factors that may have a negative impact on your experience, which can cause issues like dropped calls, slow data speeds, or other audio problems. Those external factors include having an obstruction view of your cell tower, physical barriers such as buildings, nature, weather, or network congestion.

Densely Populated Areas Or Network Congestion

If the network is being used by many people in the same place and at the same time, it can impact your service. For example, if you are close to a location such as a stadium where there are tens of thousands of other individuals, then there is a good chance that thousands of other customers are on their smartphones using the same carrier’s network that you use all at the same time. Calls might fail and data speeds might slow down in these situations.

Bad Weather Plays A Major Role

Your coverage can be affected by severe weather as well as seasonal conditions such as storms, heavy snow, or trees in bloom. those seasonal changes can sometimes make it more difficult for radio signals to reach you. Very heavy rain and snow can cause your cellphone to have poor wireless reception. The heavier it is, the worse it can get.

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Physical Barriers

Buildings, hills, mountains, and other physical barriers may also greatly block the signal. Also, building materials such as concrete walls, metal panes, or certain kinds of glass can reflect or absorb signals. That is why your experience might be impacted in large buildings like hospitals that have a lot of electronics, or basements and other types of interior rooms. These physical barriers are the hardest to overcome when you’re trying to improve your signal.

Cannot See The Cell Site

Whenever your device does not have an unobstructed view of your cell site, performance issues may arise. This can happen if you are too low, too high, too far, or even too near to the tower with the transmitter pointing out too far. It needs to be noted that antenna transmitters on cell towers are positioned in order to provide the largest population possible with coverage and might not be aimed in your specific direction. So you could be out of luck if you happen to be on the other side of the tower. Current wireless technologies also have varying broadcast ranges that determine how far the signal is able to reach. So your experience can vary depending on whether or not your mobile service company’s tower is within range of where you are located.

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How To Determine What Is Causing Your Poor Cell Reception?

Now that you are aware of all of the potential factors, it is time to determine which specific factor is weakening the signal on your cell phone. If you only experience performance issues at certain times of the year or day, then the problem is probably being caused by either heavy use of the network or certain seasonal trends like events attended by large amounts of people that are overloading the capacity of the tower. However, if you are always experiencing the same issue with a specific device in a specific location then most likely the location is being affected by either an obstructed view of your provider’s cell tower or physical barrier.

Solutions To Help You Solve Any Or All Of The Above Issues

Using a network extender or cell phone booster will most likely help to improve your wireless experience while talking on your cell phone. So check out our amazing products to see which one will suit you best!