How To Find The Nearest Cell Site Location

A woman learning online with a signal repeater.

People who wish to use a cell signal booster often ask about the location of carrier towers. Knowing its location is among the many different steps in installing the booster. So, if you find yourself wondering how I can get better signal on my phone, you also need to think about the location of the tower. Here is a guide on ways of discovering it.


Carrier Website Maps

Every major telecommunications service provider’s website has maps with marked cell site locations. This may be an easy and rather transparent way to discover the location, but it has some issues. Firstly, there is no guarantee that each popular carrier updates its website on a timely basis.


It is unlikely that every carrier would update it whenever new cell sites are installed. Anyhow, this is still a good place to start, one that would provide whatever you need when you couple it with the following techniques. See our list of supported carriers here.


Your Smartphone Antenna

We highly recommend trying this method of finding out the cell site location. It involves discovering your dBm reading with your phone’s Field Test Mode. It will be easier to discover with an Android phone. If you have an Android phone, just open the Settings application, and navigate to About Us > Status > SIM Status. This option may also be written as ‘SIM Card Status’ on some branded phones. There, look for the option called ‘Signal strength’; what you see under it will be your cellular dBm reading.


For Apple users, the steps to discover it vary by the version of iOS and the chipset of their phone. If your Apple device has a version before iOS 11, dial the number 3001#12345#, swipe down the notification bar, and you could see the dBm on the top left corner of your device.


After finding it out, just walk around indoors and outside of your house. Note down where you receive the maximum dBm reading. This will show you the usual cell site direction and will tell you where the best signal reception is available indoors.

Update The Device

Every cell phone is generally connected to its carrier’s tower situated nearest to it. Anyhow, your carrier may have set up a new cell site in your location, or it may have adjusted its towers lately. It is quite easy to do a cell tower update, but the method varies by the telecommunications service provider and device.


Depending on the carrier of yours, enabling the ‘Airplane’ mode on your Android phone and disabling it after 10 seconds may do the trick. Doing this possibly results in your phone reconnecting to that new tower. You may also have to update Android or iOS for the latest available carrier settings.