How To Extend The Life Of Cell Phone Boosters?

The cost-effectiveness and reliability of cell phone boosters have encouraged many to install one at their location to ensure undisturbed cellular communication. The expertise required in the installation process depends on the coverage area of the cell phone booster, meaning that large scale installation requires specially trained technical experts. 

The maintenance of signal boosters is equally important as the installation is. Unless proper maintenance strategies are adopted, the life of a signal booster will be compromised. 

Here are some of the tips to extend the life of cell phone boosters

Check The Connections Of The Amplifier

If the connections of the cellular signal booster are loose, the ability of the booster to send and receive signals will be affected adversely. On the other hand, overly tightened connections could cause damage or breaking of booster components, thereby reducing the booster performance. A finger-tight connection is what you should aim for. 

Check The Inside And Outside Antenna

Poor maintenance of the antenna can be the cause of poor booster performance in some cases. Antennas should be kept at positions that are not in the way of obstructions. If you place the antennas at points where many people pass by, the chances of its damage are high. 

Do not place internal antennas inside structures like cupboards and external antennas beneath canopies or points with obstructions. To prevent the antennas from getting overheated, keep it away from direct sunlight. 

Check The Booster Cables For Damage

Damage to the cables will cause a significant decrease in the performance of the signal booster. In addition to the performance issue, it could also pose a safety risk to your living space. Hence it is important to ensure that all the booster cables are free of damage and maintained well. 

Ensure That The Amplifier Is Kept At The Optimum Temperature

The optimum temperature for amplifier operation is about 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Amplifiers generally can operate at temperatures that are over 20 degrees Fahrenheit above the optimum level too. If you find that the amplifier has heated up excessively, you may contact a technical expert to find out a solution. 

Restart The Signal Boosters Periodically

Restarting the cell phone booster is generally termed as power-cycling. All you have to do is turn off the amplifier completely and switch it on after a few seconds. To power-cycle boosters installed at homes and buildings, simply flip the power switches between on and off positions. For vehicle signal boosters, unplug the power adapter from the power source and plug it in afterward.

Following proper maintenance procedures will ensure consistent performance of the signal booster and extend its life.