Can Cellular Service Providers Be Responsible For Signal Issues?

Woman on cell phone with clear cell service.

Most customers often wonder whether their carriers are to blame for the lack of quality signals on their mobile devices. It is possible that carrier-side issues contribute to signal reception problems, but this does not mean these are the only causative factors for the issues. That said, almost every customer appears to be making their carriers scapegoat for a lack of strong cellular signals. This is why they consider switching to other carriers at some time in their cellular journey.

While changing carriers is not a bad idea, the move itself would not do any good if something else is to blame for poor signals. So, if you find yourself wondering how I can get better signal on my phone, any or a combination of the following may help you.

If Not The Carrier, What Is Responsible For Poor Signals?

Battery Life

Mobile phone battery levels make a difference in keeping a fine cellular connection. For a mobile device to maintain a connection, it requires energy. This means the less percentage of battery left on your device, the less cellular signal it will receive. Keep it at 25% or above whenever possible, and put the charger at an easily accessible location to ensure it stays there.

Wi-Fi Is Enabled

Do you keep Wi-Fi enabled even when your device is not connected to your residential or office wireless network? If yes, the device would attempt to access the network before it uses the cellular network of yours. This process would make your mobile device operate slowly. So, be sure to disable Wi-Fi whenever you do not need to browse the internet through Wi-Fi, and see whether this move helps to make the cellular signal better.

External Factors

There exist other factors that may be interfering with the signal on your cell phone. These factors include the distance between the device and cellular towers, construction materials, and natural obstacles. It is unfortunate, but these factors are beyond you and your telecommunication service provider’s control.

Can I Fix The Issue Without Changing Carriers?

It is certainly possible to have better cellular signals without changing to another carrier. One of the best ways to permanently solve it is to use mobile phone boosters from Signal Booster Australia. Whatever the underlying cause of the issue, these products will deliver boosted cellular signals to your mobile devices. This is a win-win situation for all parties concerned, including you and your present carrier.