How To Fix Overload in Cell Phone Repeaters?

three cellular communication towers.

If you are experiencing regular call drops and slow data speeds inside your house, you might need a cell phone booster because this device can improve the cell reception inside your house by increasing the strength of the incoming cell signals. The signal booster will capture the existing weak signals from outside the building and boost them for rebroadcasting to all the cellular devices.

However, there are some instances where you won’t get a proper cellular signal even if you are using a cell phone booster. That might be because of some problems associated with the signal boosters, such as oscillation and overload. These problems will affect the performance of the signal booster.

Signal Booster Overload

Signal booster overload occurs when your signal boosters receive cell signals that have higher strength. The cell phone booster may not be able to handle if the strength of the cell signal exceeds a particular limit. The signal overload will negatively affect the performance of the cell phone repeater and it needs to be rectified immediately.

Overload is very common if the cell tower is located very close to your house. This problem with the cell phone repeater can occur with any network providers irrespective of the cell signals you are trying to amplify. Most of the modern signal boosters will automatically shut down when they detect overload. If you need to ensure the optimal performance of your signal booster, you should solve the problems as soon as possible.

Fixing Overload In Cell Phone Repeater

Use Unidirectional Antenna

One of the easiest solutions for overload in a signal booster is using a unidirectional antenna. This type of external antenna can capture cell signals from a single direction. You can point the unidirectional to another cell tower that does not send stronger cell signals. You can also put a barrier in between the antenna and cell tower to prevent the stronger cell signals from reaching the external antenna.

Use A Filter

If there is only one cell tower near your area, using a unidirectional antenna won’t work. You might have to use a filter to solve the overload problem. The filter is used to reduce the strength of the incoming cell signals to a particular frequency. The filter is connected between the amplifier and the external antenna.

Change The Amplifier

The next option to solve the overload problem is switching to an amplifier unit that can handle stronger cellular signals. Powerful amplifiers may cost more and people usually choose this option if they do not have any other option.