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A woman smiling using her phone.

Some Commonly Asked Questions About Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Cell phone signal boosters are electronic devices that can be utilized for increasing the strength of the weaker cell signals…

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A man using his phone with a mobile booster.

How To Tackle Cell Service Matters During A Natural Disaster

Natural calamities can cause disruption in cellular services. Especially when cell towers fall due to storms or some other natural…

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A 4G cell tower that could be used with a cell signal booster.

Are 4G And LTE The Same?

4G and LTE are the symbols we see on our smartphones. They indicate the generation that the network you are…

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A woman who needs a cell booster to fix her poor signal.

A Network Extender Or A Cell Phone Booster? Which Will Suit You Best

The day can turn from bad to worse when your cell reception leaves you hanging dry. The only thing worse…

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a man looking at his phone internet.

Best Indoor Antenna For Your Signal Booster

An indoor antenna is often considered the posterior limb of a signal booster system. It rebroadcasts the amplified cell signals…

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A woman in scrubs using tips to improve her cell signal.

More Tips And Tricks To Improve Cellular Signals

Weak cellular signals will possibly leave you with audio that you cannot understand, dropped calls, or even no cellular service….

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How To Get Better Signal On A Boat

Telecommunication service providers keep expanding their coverage through additional terrestrial towers, but water poses a challenge in receiving stable cellular…

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A diagram showing the function of a cell booster.

How To Improve Cell Reception In An Android Phone?

Poor cell reception is very frustrating to all people because it can lead to call drops, slow data speed, undelivered…

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Signal booster antennae installed on a home roof.

How To Install The Antennas Of Your Signal Booster?

Cell phone boosters are devices that are capable of improving cell reception in an area. If you live in an…

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Woman frustrated with her cell phone signal.

What To Know About Professional Cell Phone Booster Installers

A cell phone booster is a device specifically designed to increase the strength of cellular signals received by our cell…

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A house with cell towers behind it.

Enhancing Phone Signals In Metal Buildings

When considering building materials, concrete, as well as metal, have their share of advantages. Concrete is wind, water, and fire-resistant….

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Cell phone towers in a forest.

What You Need To Know About Cellular Signals In Rural Places

Those who are visiting or living in rural locations will know how tough it is to get quality signals on…

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A car antenna.

Tips For Installing An In-Vehicle Signal Booster

You probably have experienced poor signal reception when you travel in your car through remote locations. Poor cell reception will…

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An antenna attached to the side of a home.

Tips For Installing An In-House Signal Booster

Call drops and slow data speed are common if you live in a remote area. This is mainly because of…

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Man using his phone in front of a cell tower.

Are Cell Phone Boosters Necessary At Airports?

Cell phone boosters, also known as signal boosters, are pieces of hardware designed to boost wireless signals by up to…

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signal towers in front of a blue sky.

How To Extend The Life Of Cell Phone Boosters?

The cost-effectiveness and reliability of cell phone boosters have encouraged many to install one at their location to ensure undisturbed…

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A house with a signal booster antenna on it

Places Where You Might Not Expect To Need Signal Booster Equipment

A mobile signal booster system comes with antennae that help the booster in getting and transmitting the signals. One antenna…

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Simple Ways to Boost Wi-Fi Signal in your Office

There can be many factors, which may lead to poor Wi-Fi signal in your office. The location of your router, its firmware, the strength of the antenna, etc., can come into play to determine the speed of your Wi-Fi network. However, you can deal with these concerns by following some easy tips. Shared below are some simple ways to boost the Wi-Fi signal in your office.

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Boosting Cell Signal In A Basement

Are you in a near-constant struggle to get mobile reception in your basement? There is a surprising number of people who have this problem, because they either have an office or workspace located in their basement, or live at basement-level. It can be problematic getting a reliable signal in such places, mainly because a cell signal would have to go through many different layers to reach the cell phone.

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