Ways Of Calling And Browsing When You Have No Signal Outside

A woman using her phone with a cell phone booster.

You could just do many things on your mobile phone, including browsing the internet, even if there is weak signal reception indoors. With a cell signal booster system, you could do it all in a better way than when you have weaker signals for your mobile phone. If you use a booster system, the signals for your phone would no longer be weak. This is because the system could pick up weaker cellular signals available outdoors before boosting these and delivering the amplified signals to your device.

Now, what if there is no signal available outside your building? Would a call booster be of use in that case? The short answer is no. In this case, you would require an alternative solution to the signal issue. Here are two ways to surf the web and call when there exists no signal from your carrier tower outdoors.


Using Wi-Fi

Nowadays, many smartphones come with a feature that enables calling through Wi-Fi. Just swipe down from the top of your device screen, and then look for ‘Wi-Fi Calling’. If you find Wi-Fi Calling there, just tap on the option to enable it. Then, connect your device to a wireless network, to make calls without cellular service on your device. 


You should have a working wireless network indoors to use this feature. It is also worth noting that only some carriers support the feature. If you do not see the option in your Settings menu, then this means your carrier may not be supporting it. In this case, you might just need another solution.


Using A Femtocell

The term ‘femtocell’ refers to a device that can turn a broadband connection into an LTE or 4G broadcast for a data-enabled device. To use this, you should be able to access the internet connection, as in the case of Wi-Fi Calling. It is a carrier-specific device, which means visitors can access just your phone signals in the event of you sharing the same cellular network provider.


Are You Sure That The Booster System Cannot Work?

It is important to ensure that you lack a cellular signal reception outdoors. Just because you see no signal bars on your mobile device, does not mean that you cannot have a better cellular service through the booster. Signal bars are likely to be deceiving; you might have service even if these are not shown on your phone. So, just contact a technician or vendor to know whether the booster will work in your residential setting. Consider using another solution only after ensuring this.