Boosting Cell Signal In A Basement

Are you in a near-constant struggle to get mobile reception in your basement? There is a surprising number of people who have this problem, because they either have an office or workspace located in their basement, or live at basement-level. It can be problematic getting a reliable signal in such places, mainly because a cell signal would have to go through many different layers to reach the cell phone. If you didn’t know already, mobile signals work best within a line of sight.

Luckily, there are a few tricks you can use to boost your sub-ground cell signal; because there are proven technologies that can help you do this, such as signal boosters.

Steps To Take When The Cell Phone Signal In Your Basement Is Weak

  • Check with your carrier, explaining the situation to them as clearly as possible. They can tell you about the best possible solutions to try out. Sometimes they will suggest using a microcell or a femtocell. These works as tiny cell towers, creating a localized cell signal in the basement.
  • Keep the phone you are using fully charged. If your battery is running low, that could have a negative impact on the phone’s ability to grab and hold a signal.
  • If you have a case on your phone, take that off when your signal is bad. Sometimes this is a good way to get a stronger signal. Some cases are known to partially prevent cellular signals from getting to the phone’s internal antenna.
  • Try using the phone in different parts of the basement, preferably close to a window. This can sometimes get you a better signal, and if it does, you’ll know where you should be using the phone the next time the signal drops. Make a signal map that you can follow whenever you’re at home.
  • Try using WiFi calling. If you have WiFi coverage inside the basement, that can work just as well as a cellular signal.
  • Try using one of the myriad messaging apps which support audio and video calls. Here too, you’ll need a WiFi connection to be able to make a call.

One other thing you can do is get a mobile signal booster, which takes in weak signals, amplifies them, and then rebroadcasts them in the intended area. This way your phone can stay connected seamlessly, and you can enjoy all the benefits of that.