Boosting Cell Reception In Your Home

A man using a cell phone and laptop at home.

Cell phones have become the must-haves of today’s world. There are close to 20 billion mobile devices and it is estimated that the number could rise to 30 billion by the time 2025 rolls on by. The usage is off the charts, and why wouldn’t it? Smartphones are one of the most useful pieces of gadgetry we can carry around on our own. It is light, compact, and resourceful with functionalities that combine an MP3, a video player, a calculator, a map, a telephone and so much more. You have all of the information in the world, of all the libraries collectively in the palm of your hands. 

But all of this is for naught if your cell phone manages to lose cell reception. The calls frequently drop and the network speeds are plain terrible. You are better off hand-delivering a letter than sending an email! 

What do you do? 

The obvious step you need to take is to get yourself a cell phone signal booster- A device that boosts weak cell signal and makes it usable for multiple cellular devices. The cell phone boosters that are available today are quite cheap and are a great long term investment. 

However, if you don’t feel inclined to jump to a cell phone signal booster from step 1 itself, then take a look at some of the fixes you can try out: 

Reorganize Your Space

One of the things that you can do immediately to boost cell reception is to clear out your space and remove the clutter. No, this is not your mom writing this article. Certain objects in your home or office tend to beat down the cell signal strength such as metal file cabinets, refrigerators, solid furniture, etc. Rearranging them and clearing out the interior of your space can go a long way in helping get a better signal. 

Trim Bushes 

Trees, bushes, and other organic things that contain water have a negative effect on cell signals. If it is possible, do try to trim the bushes and branches around your house or office, so as to create an open surrounding.

Use Different Construction Material

If you are planning to attempt a home improvement project, then it would be wise for you to consider researching for materials that don’t affect your cell signal strength just as much. Metal roofing, brick walls, and certain construction material have a greater effect on weakening the cell signal compared to others. Find alternatives that don’t prevent signals from reaching indoors.