Best Mobile Phone Boosters For Businesses

Phone Boosters For Businesses

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In modern-day society, having a poor mobile phone signal can seriously impact upon a business’ performance. If you are experiencing a bad or no mobile coverage in your business workplace you could be missing out on important phone and video calls.

Numerous factors can affect the mobile signal strength of your business location. Internally, certain building construction materials and the presence of electrical and magnetic objects can affect the stability of your reception. Externally, changes in the weather, tall obstructions (such as trees) and your location affect the signal quality.

These are just a few examples of what can cause a disruption and there are plenty more internal and external variables that can play a role in your signal stability. If you are receiving a weak signal, there is a high chance that one or more of these factors are responsible for it and you might need to act to solve the problem.

Fortunately, there is a way to get around this. A mobile phone booster kit can circumvent all of these issues for a modest cost. If you are business operating in the UK, check out these mobile phone signal repeater devices to find one that best suits your business requirements.

Benefits Of A Mobile Signal Booster For Business Use

For businesses, the benefits of installing a mobile phone booster in your building are vast. Some of the main benefits are:

  • Better mobile call and video quality with fewer disruptions and a clearer voice.
  • No important calls are dropped.
  • Better mobile battery life (mobile devices consume a lot of battery power searching for strong signals.
  • Rapid upload and download speeds for mobile business software.
  • Constant mobile reception reliability.

The customers, employees and owners of a business will reap the rewards of installing a mobile phone booster, and having a constant, strong, and stable internet connection is one less thing to worry about for the smooth operation of your business.

There are variety of different mobile signal repeaters available in the UK, follow the link here to use a website recommendation tool that helps you decide which device is best for you based on your businesses requirements.

What Are The Best Mobile Phone Boosters For Businesses?

The size and scale of your business should factor into your decision when purchasing a mobile phone signal booster. Some good options for business use are:

Signal Booster Max. This is a 2G and 3G mobile signal booster that is available for all Irish networks and improves your mobile signal and text services. It is ideal for small to medium sized businesses and has a coverage area of up to 500 square metres. This mobile phone booster is also able to support the simultaneous use of 50 different within the covered area at any given time.

Signal Booster Plus. This mobile repeater is another 3G signal booster that operates at a frequency of 2100 MHz, making it compatible with most Irish carriers and their subsidiaries. It is a good size for large offices and buildings such as restaurants and warehouses and has a coverage of up to 1000 square metres. It also provides support for up to 75 users at the same time.

Signal Booster Xpand. Like the Plus model, this mobile phone booster has support for 75 users at the same time within a 1000 square metre coverage area. Additionally, this is a 3G and 4G mobile phone signal booster that can considerably improve the network reliability and strength in areas with poor reception in your business. It is available for all Irish networks.

Signal Booster Ultimate. With a coverage size of 1000 square metres and support for 50 users, this is another good option for medium to large sized business. The Signal Booster Ultimate is compatible of with all Irish network providers and is a 2G, 3G and 4G mobile phone repeater.

All of these mobile phone booster function bests when there is a strong connection outside, so that it can amplify the signal to the required inside location.

The mobile phone repeaters are very easy to use, and every signal booster kit comes complete with a step by step instruction manual that makes the installation process smooth and simple. It usually tales no longer than 30 minutes to finish installing a device.

The devices listed above are just a select few of the best mobile signal boosters in the UK available for businesses. If none of these devices fit your criteria, check out these mobile phone repeater products for a more extensive list.

If you are having trouble selecting a mobile booster to fit your specific needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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